We Facilitate the Efficient Flow of Natural Resources Across the Globe

We are a global leader in procuring and transporting energy and bulk products, providing efficient and sustainable solutions to meet the world's needs.

About Us

Established in 2013

Established in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2013, we have evolved into specialists in the global procurement and transportation of commodity products. At the core of our operations, Eco Fuel serves as a vital link, seamlessly connecting producers and consumers of essential commodities across the globe with efficiency, reliability, and a steadfast commitment to responsibility.

Within our extensive global network, we leverage cutting-edge infrastructure, technology, logistics expertise, and a profound understanding of markets to seamlessly supply the resources that fulfill our customers' energy needs. Our portfolio spans a diverse range of energy, bulk and metal products, and we strategically identify valuable assets and infrastructures within our network to optimize trade flows, creating long-term repeatable value for our employees, our partners and our clients.

At Eco Fuel, we are dedicated to consistently exceeding expectations, fostering growth, and contributing to the sustainable development of the commodities sector worldwide.

Our Products

We Streamline the Global Supply Chain

At the core of Eco Fuel's business is trading. We rely on an experienced team with market expertise, and financial stability.

Oil & Petroleum

The heartbeat of our operations lies in Oil & Petroleum Products such as gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, naptha, crude and fuel oil.  As the world undergoes a seismic shift towards a low-carbon economy, we concentrate our capital injections and human capital allocation to fortify our position.


Eco Fuel redefines excellence in the shipping of commodities. We operate a modern fleet of vessels, that offer efficient and reliable movement of commodities. In addition, we can rely on a global logistics network including barges, trucking, rail and pipelines to get resources to where are needed.

Gas & Power

We work with power producers and connect them with major industrial consumers through a variety of products and services. Natural gas is a significant part of the energy mix, helped by the growth of liquefied natural gas (LNG), a flexible means of transporting the commodity over long distances to major centers of demand. Usage of electricity is expected to grow in the future due to the energy transition.

Agriculture & Food products

We empower agriculture through connectivity. Our global network links producers and consumers for sustainable, traceable, quality-controlled products such as grains, oilseeds, pulses, rice, sugar, and vegetable oil, as well as a wide variety of animal feed products.

Bulk & Metals

We work with metals including aluminium, copper and zinc that play a crucial role in the shift to a low-carbon economy. These vital resources are required to build wind turbines, solar panels and for electrification. We also concentrate on iron ore and other metals such as nickel and cobalt which are needed for electric vehicles and energy storage, while lead batteries are helping to power the internet.

Our Assets

Powering Tomorrow, Today

Within our asset portfolio, we are poised for a significant evolution with upcoming ventures in the second half of 2024. One highlight is our strategic partnership in an offshore West African producing block, set to come online in Q3 2024. This venture is a testament to our commitment to diverse and globally distribute resources, unlocking new avenues for growth.

Complementing this, our ownership of two oil sands blocks in Alberta, Canada, anchors our presence in key energy-rich regions. Beyond ownership, our proactive approach involves forging enduring marketing agreements through direct investment, providing essential debt facilities, and offering management advisory services during critical decision making periods.

As we anticipate the commencement of operations in West Africa, we are gearing up to monetize the flow and trading opportunities around these assets, unlocking their full potential. Our focus extends to due diligence for the acquisition and merging of US-based assets and vessel owner entities. The North America deal pipeline establishes the groundwork for our upcoming operations in the United States, aligning with our commitment to embrace new markets and broaden our impact on the global energy stage.

Why Us

What we value

Our core mission is to source vital commodities to where it is needed, bring long-term growth for all our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate. Integrity, Responsibility, Performance Excellence and Respect are at the heart of our culture and the way we do business.

Pioneering Governance

Eco Fuel’s strong leadership, supportive culture, policies, systems and consistent approach to risk management are the bedrock of our robust corporate governance ensuring that the company is managed efficiently and effectively in the interests of all stakeholders. We continuously pursue a balanced relationship between leadership, control and transparency. Eco Fuel operates under clear separation of responsibilities among the governing bodies and between the different departments across the organization. Our Code of Conduct sets out the principles, values and standards of professional behavior, diligence and integrity from all of our employees.

Strict Compliance

We have implemented a robust compliance framework that adopts local and international legal and regulatory standards, applying them globally across our business. At Eco Fuel we ensure that each counterparty we are engaging with is KYC-cleared and acceptable for Management. This includes performing extensive background checks on every counterparty, including vessels, that the company interacts with and prior any business being conducted. Internal policies and trainings are provided to our employees.


Trading Committee

Eco Fuel’s Trading Committee is cornerstone of our strategic decision-making process and risk management framework. Comprised of seasoned industry experts, the Trading Committee serves as a dedicated resource to our internal trading and management teams, ensuring a meticulous evaluation of proposed trades and strategic initiatives.

Risk Management

Accountability of every member in our organization is central to our risk management and governance model. Our front office is responsible for the first level of controls, and our middle office and Chief Risk Officer, independent from the front office, are responsible for performing independent controls and continuously review the effectiveness of the overall control framework implemented. This dedicated risk management function provides independent oversight, working effectively with management and all departments, including trading, operations, and finance, to identify, assess, and manage risks proactively.


In the renewables arena, our commitment extends beyond trading, our active involvement in the trade of UCO, UCOME, FAME and finished grade biodiesel underscores our dedication to sustainable energy solutions. A pivotal aspect of our renewable strategy involves a strategic partnership with the Premaster biodiesel plant in Premery, France.

Our Team

the Eco Fuel Leadership Team

Our Team

Jonathan Brown


Anna Snellman


Bobby French

Finance Consultant

Homan Amiry


Alban Lammens

Head of Trading

Frédéric de Raemy

Head of Compliance

Nicolas Jenik

Business Development


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Our Regions

Global Reach

We operate a network enabling us to have a worldwide coverage. Our global footprint is continually growing as we strive to consolidate our position in existing and new markets.

We currently cover the following regions:

• Mediterranean
• Black Sea
• Asia
• Baltics
• US & Canada
• Latin America & Caribs
• East & West Africa

As part of our strategic roadmap for 2024, the following offices are being set up: Argentina, Brazil, Dubai, Greece, Romania and Venezuela.

Production & Sourcing

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Storage Solutions

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